jRendezvous: Java and Rendezvous Working Together
Subject:   jxta, rendevous, jini
Date:   2003-08-04 12:38:49
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Link to compiled, patched jar for jrendezvous is invalid.

hie. just wanted to say i think you would help alot of people if you did a comaprison of the technologies mentioned in the title (if u have insider info on uPnP (MSs Rendevous) that would even be better.

there are so msny technologies coming out that one does not know what to learn and what not to. at time they do the same thing , at other times no.

i am a beginner just learniing java but i am interested in learning how to develop p2p and networked apps (from scratch prefferably then using other people's libraries and frameworks), but with all these technologies its difficult to filter what does what, whats necessasry - whats not, (kind of like the problem i am having deciding between jdo and ejb)

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    • jxta, rendevous, jini
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