Dot Mac Reloaded
Subject:   $99.00 is WAY too expensive.
Date:   2003-08-07 02:30:06
From:   anonymous2
For an email account, $99.00 is WAY too expensive, and that's really all I've used this past year. Got the $49.00 iTools conversion offer, and I really had to work hard to sell myself on it at that price. If you used most of the available features it'd probably be worth it, but I'm on a 56k dialup connection at home, so using iDisk as a backup is a joke.

What I really don't understand is why they won't offer two-tier pricing for those of us who want to keep our .mac email accounts (a stable email account is what I thought I was getting with iTools) with maybe a bit of server space.

I had a free email account for years, and just this year they've started to charge if you don't use them for your ISP. They're charging me the big $10.00 a year.

The thing is I had used my .mac email as my professional email and I really don't want to lose it, but it's not worth $99.

And another thing I don't hear people talking about with the iSync stuff is: Who wants their personal info out there on some server? I don't want to keep my calendar or address book online, even if I did have another mac to sync them up with.

And now with Panther, iDisk is going to take up space on my mac. I don't want my Powerbook to "host" a copy of my iDisk; that is definitely NOT the way I would want to have it work. You immediately lose all benefit of iDisk as being a storage site for things you don't want to have resident on your mac all the time.

Apple: PLEASE give us some way to keep our .mac email addresses without charging us through the nose!