Subject:   Why use "Cocoa Java"? Why not just plain old "Cocoa" or JDK 1.whatever and Swing?
Date:   2003-08-09 09:50:08
From:   anonymous2
I want to take advantage of the Aqua interface while still having a portable program. For example, I'd like to build a dock menu for one of my applications that would contain some of the important bar menu items. I'd also like to support file drop on the running application, and file name association.

However, I don't want to have to learn ProjectBuilder to do that, I've been using Eclipse for a while on MacOS X, Windows (various) and Linux with few ill affects, and I just lack time for one more IDE (that's also why I like Java in general).

Some good, simple, direct examples that use the NS interface toolkit from Java would go a long way towards filling the void I think. I can then wrap them in Reflection so that the final program is portable and only does Mac stuff on a Mac.