Subject:   printer does not appear
Date:   2003-08-10 05:56:12
From:   anonymous2

this article helped me a lot in understranding sharing files, which now works very well in my little LAN.

as i added the printers-share to smb.conf i expected my stylus color 880 to appear on the win-machine (winXP) but it didn't - do i have to change anything locally so that it is added as a seperate share?

the lpr-command works from the command line but i can't print a testpage from the cups-admin-site. maybe the cups-user has no rights to do so? - in the jobs-list there is no user entered for the test-page and if i click restart job i get the errormessage: client-error-not-possible

any hints, solutions?

greets&thx ma