Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part Two
Subject:   rotating 20 sec video clips
Date:   2003-08-10 16:59:23
From:   anonymous2
Response to: rotating 20 sec video clips

I've got the same problem with my Canon S400. Quicktime Pro will rotate them but when you bring them back into iMovie they get "scrunched" back down to a 4:3 aspect ratio. There is an iMove Plugin from a company called Stupendous Software called "Crop and Zoom" that offers a rotate feature. You can download a demo from their site. It's 25 USD. I'm still trying to find a free solution. I'll post if I find anything.

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  1. rotating 20 sec video clips
    2003-12-24 14:23:40  anonymous2 [View]

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