Version Control on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Perforce is better but it isn't free
Date:   2003-08-11 08:53:17
From:   anonymous2
CVS is free* and that's very important if you are developing commercial or shareware software on a shoestring budget. And this article does a great job describing how to use CVS. But if you have some cash and want a more powerful and robust version control system, Perforce is the better way to go. And as a bonus, the Apple claims XCode will also have support for Perforce in addition to CVS.

I don't work for Perforce, I just use it.

* Perforce is free if you are developing open source software. Take a look at

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  1. Perforce is better but it isn't free
    2003-08-24 12:55:58  juanjose [View]

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