Outboard Brains for Mac OS X
Subject:   DEVONthink
Date:   2003-08-11 23:57:33
From:   anonymous2
Response to: DEVONthink

It's *really* easy to get URL's and other info into DEVONthink, just select whatever you want and hit a keyboard command... to make a new document, click a button or select menu item or use it's keyboard command, same as always. Seems like a fairly slick Cocoa GUI to me. Basically it offers dope clipping services and impressive functions like summerization, concordance, and keyword comparisons.
Notetaker is pretty cool and you can stick probably any file type in it- a major advantage over DEVONthink, and an outline format is a definate advantage in a note-taker. In the end i went with DEVONthink, cause Notetaker kinda of felt like some giant Filemaker solution or something... DEVONthink costs half as much and feels like it weighs half as much too.