Effective Interop with Managed C++
Subject:   Some concerns with managed C++ in the dot net 1.1 framework
Date:   2003-08-12 00:55:43
From:   anonymous2
Good article! I’m glad there are guys like you out there helping folk like me out!

I am having a few problems you may be able to help with though:

I am using DotNet 2003 (v1.1 of the framework), and have found some alarming problems when trying to create a managed assembly dll.
The base type ‘new’ and ‘delete’ functions do not link into the code, so the DLL will not build. Also, the ‘_exit’ and ‘_atexit’ code from the standard library will not resolve at link time.
E.G. “double *d = new double[10];”, or trying to compile an old library for a managed wrapper (e.g. OpenGL glut for win32).

If however, the code is written for an exe instead, the same code will compile and build (with the correct version of the main function added to the project).

I have not been able to find any information regarding this in the usual places on the net – although I am constantly reviewing them.

Has anybody else out there come across the same issue, or is it just myself, and my work colleges?

Regards, and many thanks,

Dave Walker,
Omnibus Systems

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  1. Some concerns with managed C++ in the dot net 1.1 framework
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