Introducing JavaServer Faces
Subject:   Client side validation and templates
Date:   2003-08-13 00:34:38
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Client side validation and templates

1. Templates
There doesn't seem to be any equivalent of Struts Tiles in JSF - does that mean we'll only be able to support page templates using mechanisms external to JSF?
Ans: Yes
2. Client side validation
Seem's like we'll have to write our own renderers to generate Javascript for clientside validation. Is that the case?
Ans: Yes, but this isn't as bad as you think. The current reference implementation is designed to NOT use JavaScript. If you want your versions of the components to do cool stuff, i.e. be client-centric & exploit whatever your browser can do, you'll need to use richer controls. I expect these will be made available from the various vandors, and I expect a cottage industry to spring up, not dissimilar to what happened with the old VBX controls.