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Subject:   HTML Export, where?
Date:   2003-08-13 04:10:23
From:   anonymous2
Response to: HTML Export, where?

Absofu....lutely right. All of you DTPs: Go and create PDFs and print, but do not call something a HTML-file that is a load of rubbish. The Web is something completely different. Go to and learn something about markup languages, CSS and all of this stuff..... Unbelievable: "HTML-file", "just 360K"! Ever heard of a 56K modem? And you say just 360k to a file that is mostly text? Unbelievable.

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    2003-08-16 11:19:44  anonymous2 [View]

  2. HTML Export, where?
    2003-08-13 09:06:31  dabeed [View]

    • HTML Export, where?
      2003-08-25 08:27:05  anonymous2 [View]

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