Subject:   What about Java?
Date:   2003-08-13 04:30:18
From:   anonymous2
I would have asked, if he's been paid by Microsoft, but he himself told not to have experience with Java.
In my opinion C# is one big mess. Since several days I have to develop with C# coming from the Java-area. Where are the revolutionary edges of the big gloryfied superlanguage? Where is anything that Java did not have - but five years earlier? There are only slight differences between Java and C#. In my eyes its a big cheekiness what has been declared the last years around .Net - take a good language (Java), change some methodnames and throw it on the market using your fantastillion dollars for your marketing.
For me C# is nothing more than a cheek copy of Java.

@Miguel de Icaza: Before telling the whole world a big opinion that many people are able to listen to, someone should eventually inform himself on the topic he wants to talk about.