Version Control on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   MAC OS X 10.3
Date:   2003-08-13 08:43:49
From:   anonymous2
Possibly a bit of a cheap option but iDisk on 10.3 will allow for constant backup of your dev folders over the web. Thus you would not stricktly have versioning but more like code-guard. To be honest versioning in Java dev should be more a matter of evolution of classes through additional methods, inheritance etc. and therefore there should be less of a need to revert to old versions of code. In the enterprise if you find that the same module or object is being repeatedly hit, you are in severe danger of causing collateral damage and should therefore be considering modularising that object. In any case it should be possible to ring-fence a single object for a single enterprise code release, which means once again that single point code-guard is a simple viable option in preference to proper version control.