QuarkXPress Comes to OS X
Subject:   HTML Export, where?
Date:   2003-08-13 09:06:31
From:   dabeed
Response to: HTML Export, where?

Hello -- David Weiss, the writer here; points well taken! 360k *is* rather bulky for a page that's mostly text. I was trying to say, use method this only if you need to show an XPress doc on the Web, preserving the original design, if you don't want to use PDF. Or re-design the Web layout in Quark to export the large text blocks as text, and that will bring the size down to normal levels. Or better yet, use Quark to draw a Web page design template, getting all the elements in place before moving to an HTML editor for the bulk of the coding. Thanks, David.

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  1. HTML Export, where?
    2003-08-25 08:27:05  anonymous2 [View]

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