QuarkXPress Comes to OS X
Subject:   importing?
Date:   2003-08-13 12:47:34
From:   anonymous2
Can XPress 6 import RTF files on OS X?

We're still using v4 on OS 9. I'd like to upgrade us before long, but I'd also like to lessen our reliance on Word or CopyDesk for text creation. Their features page that you link to implies that it only imports RTF files on Windows.

[begin rant] It's mind-boggling that a $900-1000 program can't import styled text unless it comes out of an expensive, proprietary word processor they don't even make themselves. In addition to driving up our costs and requiring us to use MS products to write stories, this makes it much, much more difficult to integrate stories into a database for Real web display. I'm going to have to write my own text editor one day that saves rtf and Quark-tag files just to get away from Word. {end rant ]

Anyway, can you import RTF or other styled (ie: simply bold and italic) text formats?


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    2003-08-13 16:28:50  dabeed [View]

    • importing?
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