NAT with pf
Subject:   I don't understand
Date:   2003-08-14 03:36:33
From:   postleb
great articel.
But when it comes to the interesting part on page 4, redirections you are loosing me.
Just right away in the first example:
rdr on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_ad port 80 ->
$dmz_ad port 8080

Why are we going on $ext_ad and what does this macro stand for?

I don't understand macro definitions:
xt_ad = "f.f.f.f/32"
prv_ad = "f.f.f.f/24"
dmz_ad = "w.w.w.w/32"

What do they stand for in "real" IP adresses?
Which article did I miss to catch up?
I thought start reading the first articel can't be wrong :-)
Pls be patient with me as I'm not a native english speaker. Learning new stuff in a foreign language is double though.


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