Stored Procedures for Java Programmers
Subject:   Too Generalized an Article.
Date:   2003-08-14 11:51:10
From:   anonymous2

I agree with the use of stored procedures for modularization and performance reasons but the article was so general, it's for complete beginners. You could have gone into a little more detail:

"Writing stored procedures has better tool support than writing embedded SQL in Java -- most editors even provide syntax coloring!"

- What's you definition of "better"?

"Stored procedures can be tested from any SQL command line, making debugging easier!"

- What debugging tools are you using? Debugging stored procedures has been the biggest pain in the butt I've run into due to lack of debugging tools from IDE's. You don't even have extensive logging support from the procedure (ex: log4j, other logging tools). You still wind up writing to the console from the procedure.

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