Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Can't get a decent build
Date:   2003-08-19 11:06:36
From:   anonymous2

Controller.h:22: parse error before '{' token
Controller.h:29: parse error before '{' token
Controller.h:36: parse error before '{' token
Controller.h:43: parse error before '{' token
Controller.h:50: parse error before '{' token
Controller.m:21: warning: incomplete implementation of class `Controller'
Controller.m:21: warning: method definition for `-updateColor' not found

Basically none of the code is recognised as being valid.

I have connected the interface as suggested (both ways), the code is error-free, but it just won't compile.
Interface Builder gives me a warning stating "one of the children has a missing/uncomplete connection" because the colorwell outlet doesn't have a target. That's a bummer, since there's no action for it. Just for the heck of it, I've bound it to one of the 4 available actions, which makes the error warning disappear, but doesn't help otherwise.
I did bind colorWell to NSColorWell.

I've put my project online at
Maybe a helpful soul can tell me what the heck I've been doing wrong all this time.

I'm more thinking about install error or system screwup than error in project.


Koen van Hees

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  1. Can't get a decent build
    2003-08-19 11:46:15  anonymous2 [View]

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