Returning Creativity to the Commons
Subject:   Refuge Network Commons
Date:   2003-08-21 16:38:40
From:   anonymous2
A "creative commons" with open source software, open architecture hardware, open spectrum and open
Web services with an open search engine can support "charitable choice" as preparation for "homeland security and defense."

In 2003 we have a war against terrorism complicated by debt deflation. Can these be overcome by "homeland security and defense" and
"charitable choice?" Are these the two sides of
a "civic virtue" coin?"

Homes, places of worship, schools and small businesses need the protection of a Refuge Network Commons based on the USA Patriot Act and
the overreaching of First Responders plus the National Guard.

Part of this Refuge could be the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way and PBS/NPR. What about WiMax broadband wireless peer networking for a Refuge Network. The Commons could be distance learning Academy, hands-up Councils, mutual benefits Guild and a shared responsibilty Co-op as a Refuge Network Commons. Yes, using
software defined Pocket PC dual channel Radio-Telephones with WiMax Work-Base Stations with smart antennas.

The goal: standardization for integration that leads to interoperability and inter-connection that is uniform, universal and affordable. Is this how China, India, Russia and Japan are becoming "global in-sourcers?"

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