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Subject:   Also determined!
Date:   2003-08-22 03:20:38
From:   anonymous2
I decided I ought to get to know Linux a while ago - I'm a very proficient Windows user (I'm a software developer) so I figured I shouldn't really have to much trouble getting to grips with it. I built a server to run in the corner of my dining room (running a Via C3 processor for ultra-low power consumption) and, whilst downloading Red Hat ISOs I stumbled across this 'SCO' company and their claims...

I've since become not only an avid Linux advocate (despite still learning about it) but also completely addicted to the ever-more twisty, turny 'evidence' SCO try and wheel out, and their almost twice-daily press release schedule.

What I see is a company that stood still, let everybody overtake them, get upset and start throwing a tantrum. And it _is_ a tantrum, their 'facts' and 'defence' of what they're doing is akin to that of the four-year olds I see in supermarkets. The fact that column-inches adds to the stock value is a happy 'coincidence' to the directors, as far as I can tell.

It's all surreal - it borders on the far-fetched. And I agree, in 5 years time there'll be a gripping mini-series about it. What remains of SCO will claim IBM are behind it as well.

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