Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part One
Subject:   rotating 20 sec video clips
Date:   2003-08-22 05:42:33
From:   anonymous2
Response to: rotating 20 sec video clips

Forget my last post. Found the answer using Quicktime Pro. Direct from QuickTime Help:

"Resizing, skewing, or rotating a movie

With QuickTime Pro, you can change the size and orientation of a video track of a movie. You can also place multiple video tracks in the same window or create a picture-within-a-picture effect.

To resize or skew a QuickTime movie:

In QuickTime Player, choose Get Movie Properties from the Movie menu, choose Video Track from the left pop-up menu, and choose Size from the right pop-up menu.

Click the Adjust button. Drag the red marks in the corners to resize the movie, and drag the red marks on the sides to skew the movie. Drag the red circle in the middle to rotate the movie.

You can rotate and flip a movie using additional buttons in the Size window. To restore the original appearance, click Normal. To present multiple movies in the same frame, add multiple video tracks and resize or skew each to the position you want. To put one movie in front of another, adjust the layer setting for a video track in the movie Properties window. "

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