Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   SCO claims are nonsense!
Date:   2003-08-22 07:23:34
From:   anonymous2
Great job on the weblog.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading on the SCO/IBM/GNU Linux issue. SCO claims that users are not indemnified by the GPL and that is somehow considered a weakness of the GPL. This notion is absolutely baseless because users are not indemnified by use of any software. The Microsoft End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is not worded to protect the user. It is only designed to protect the interests of Microsoft. Nowhere in any Microsoft licensing can you find any example of users being indemnified against actions brought against them by third parties by claiming ownership to intellectual property within Windows. It emphatically states just the opposite; That if any action is brought upon the user, then the user must agree to hold Microsoft harmless.
The code and solutions provided in GNU/Linux are basically owned by the public. SCO is trying to take them away from the public. This is one of the largest attempted heists in history. It should be front page news!

Ken Zahorec <>