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Subject:   SCO is finished
Date:   2003-08-22 15:31:06
From:   anonymous2
I didn't know anything about SCO until this suit, but I am certain about one thing; after doing research on this case I know that I wil NEVER buy any products from SCO. How long has SCO been in bed with Microsoft? How much is Microsoft paying SCO to attempt to destroy Linux? Does SCO think that people are so stupid that it is not completely obvious what is going on? If there were ever evidence that the government should break up Microft this is it. The subversive and anti-competitive action of the SCO division of Microsoft will lead to the end of their company. Linux will survive. People want a choice, not to be forced to used overpriced, unsecure software of a bully.

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    2003-08-25 15:54:11  miky [View]

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