Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   SCO-- The ultimate entertainment
Date:   2003-08-22 18:59:23
From:   anonymous2
Ever since Seinfeld ended I did not have a fun way to pass the Thursday night Primetime. But SCO came to the rescue. They have come up with a case of nothing (just like Jerry and Geroge wanted to do a show about nothing). But SCO is more interesting-- Seinfeld used to come on TV only once a week-- SCO is coming pretty much every day on all Linux news front pages and other news portals. SCO is better than Seinfeld too--- it adds a touch of day-time soap opera twist to the whole scenario. Just like those juicy soap operas SCO 's crack smoking Darl McBride has a super conspiracy theory that the whole world is against him and IBM is the master of puppets. In today's hectic life SCO is doing an invaluable service-- it's providing unsurpassed never-before-seen entertainment all day everyday-- its like 24/7 Prime Time entertainment. It could not get any better than this. Thank you SCO. I nominate Darl McBride for the Best Actor and the Best Director awards in both day-time Soap Opera and Prime Time comedy categories in the upcoming Golden Globe Award.