Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   Tshirts
Date:   2003-08-23 04:40:24
From:   anonymous2
The child of the 90's is playing with his Linux box, he is the future.
The child of the 80's is calling them SCOscum.
The child off the 70's is busy coding.
The child of the 60's wants to know what they are smoking.
The child of the 50's thinks this is a fitting end to the Unix wars.
The child of the 40's couldn't care less.

-- for the child of the 90's.
A happy looking computer cartoon with the caption “ Linux rocks”
--For the 80's
Two trolls on the left with money bulging out of there pockets, one labeled Microsoft, the other SUN ( they paid the license fee, parhaps the SUN troll has horns to remind us from where SUN came), both large trolls are egging a smaller troll on. The smaller troll has just got a penguin by one wind and is about to thump him. You cold have Thor up in the clouds about to release a bolt of lightening at the two larger trolls with Thor labeled IBM. The caption, no less than “SCOscum”.
--For the 70's
Some code, previous posters have provided some nice examples. The caption, “Just keep on coding”.
--For the 60's
Two men under a sign “ Smoke Crack Occult”, they are stoned, they have share certificates and money littering the floor. No caption.
--For the 50's
The BSD devil is in the lower left corner, on his back a little untidy, but healthy, bent pitch fork, looking really cross. Man in middle, just been through a bomb, looks shabby and dead, label SCO. Bent UNIX words are littered all over the place. A well groomed penguin in the top right with a ? above his head. The caption. “SCO ends the Unix wars”.
--For the 40's
Old man with horn in his ear, with the caption.
Microsoft who? SCO what?
My granddaughter says Linux rocks.

Sell as a set.