Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   Caldera
Date:   2003-08-23 10:23:14
From:   anonymous2
What sickens me most is that this suit isn't being pursued by the Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. of old, but being pursued by an organization, Caldera, that built itself from Linux, promoting Linux, Coding Linux, and truthfully nothing else as a true product offering. In fact all of their IPO money came from their pursuit of building a business from Linux. Then Caldera purchased the server operating system organization of the real Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) including the Unix code in question, the real SCO changed their name to Tarantella (see ), and Caldera changed their name to The SCO Group. This is in fact a Linux company that has turned traitor to the very concept that brought them into existance in the first place. Call me naive, but I really believe this comes down to "good vs. evil" with GNU/Linux being the "good", and SCaldera being "evil". Entertaining? Yes, sometimes, but I also feel threatened, angry, furious, full of negative energy, and I have this strong wish that something very bad would happen to McBride and others involved.

My vote for tee-shirt slogan:

"SCaldera will soon be stomped into the earth, GNU/Linux Rulz"