Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   The more IT professionals are pushed to MS (now by SCO) the more commited I will be in Linux
Date:   2003-08-25 03:27:28
From:   anonymous2
This disgusting, criminal lawsuit of SCO-Microsoft has finally pushed me of removing from my comapany the old NT4 server and installing a totally now operational Linux-Samba server, only in 2 days! The next step will be to start studying removing some Windows desktops to Linux, because when the hole community of IT professionals have the back against the wall and a sword in the chest we can do nothing more than fight, for our freedom, for our future! Let's end with the Microsoft/SCO(now) criminals! They are forcing us to use bad tools for so long now. The time of surrendering has come to and end. This lawsuit is the beginning of a new software freedom era. And the end of SCO (without any doubt).