Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   SCO/Caldera Could Owe Trillions
Date:   2003-08-25 07:30:51
From:   anonymous2
As a computer scientist and open-source developer, I have been following the SCO/Caldera case for some time. SCO's motives baffle me. SCO claims infringement of software rights in the Linux kernel, yet releases the same Linux kernels under the GPL themselves. Now SCO is attempting a counter-defense that the GPL is non-binding? Does SCO know what they are dooming themselves with? If by some slim chance (most unlikely) SCO invalidates the GPL, this would mean SCO has KNOWINGLY been distributing literally thousands of others software via a license SCO claims is void giving those thousands of developers each a claim against SCO for infringement of their software rights... SCO/Caldera Could Owe Trillions...
These actions of SCO against GPL seem to either be by very stupid SCO execs or very desperate SCO execs trying to exact vengence on the open-source market for their failing company.

Ben Drushell
Open-Source Developer