QuarkXPress Comes to OS X
Subject:   HTML Export, where?
Date:   2003-08-25 08:27:05
From:   anonymous2
Response to: HTML Export, where?

Leave Web design and development to the pros. Eventually people will figure out that having a publishing program convert documents directly to the Web is just as ridiculus as having a tool to convert them for television. When I use Quark, InDesign, Illustrator or whatever I want them to do what they do best. These added features for the Web are a waste. This is why applications like Quark have taken so long to adopt truly useful features such as unlimited undoes. Also the "webified" document from Quark does not meet any accessibility laws or codes. Ever heard of section 508? Would you build a restaraunt without handicap access? I think not. Unless you want to turn some customers away and get sued. In addition to this it is almost worthless to a web crawling search index such as Google.

However I give props to Quark for allowing export as XML this is what makes the most sense for re-purposing documents to other mediums. Especially with the recent popularity of XHTML and CSS based Web sites. XHTML is a strict version of HTML that also allows it to be converted from an XML document using XSLT. In other words the folks that know what they are doing on the web can use the original Quark document exported as XML for the base of their XHTML documents.

As a final thought I wonder what products like these would cost without the added "webify" junk? Help out the software manufactures and let them know that we are looking for real features ones that the application in question was intended for.