Weblog:   Share your annoyance with SCO
Subject:   Something more...
Date:   2003-08-25 10:27:04
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Something more...

Lawsuit news from SCO only strengthens open-source advocates promotion and use of GNU/Linux. However, business people looking for dollar savings amounts are always swayable.

There is always the theory that MS is behind SCO's lawsuit by distancing the MS company name, but causing business people to delay switching to Linux giving MS 2003 server a marketing chance. That would destroy SCO though as described in "SCO/Caldera could owe trillions" comment. In this case, who are the share-holders of SCO that they would let their execs destroy SCO?

SCO might also be not as financially sound as they would like people to think. Caldera's purchase of the former SCO Inc. had to cost something. They might just be blowing hot air and posturing to increase their stock for a buyout from another company. SCO execs might be thinking blow enough hot air and someone will buy them out rather than deal with lost business from lawsuit news.

One thing to always remember, greed causes people to do bazarre and stupid things.