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Subject:   F--K SCO!
Date:   2003-08-25 16:04:54
From:   anonymous2
Let us all remember the actual criminal himself, McBride. I don't know about all of you other people, but I will remember this pathetic weasel. So that in the future, I can inspect and find this cluster f--k around and mess with his work. One thing I don't get is, why aren't the hacker groups are quite about this? I'm a relative newbie, but if I knew some cracking skill, I will definitely try to f--k SCO. None are doing that except for that DOS attack sometime ago. What's going on?

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  1. Dee-Ann LeBlanc photo F--K SCO!
    2003-08-25 16:08:21  Dee-Ann LeBlanc | O'Reilly Author [View]

    • F--K SCO!
      2003-08-25 16:22:09  anonymous2 [View]

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