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Subject:   Project Builder won't start
Date:   2003-08-26 17:10:35
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Project Builder won't start

I don't know about Project Builder but I had a similar problem with my TINI software. I Installed the latest JAVA and enabled JVM.

Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition
Version 1.4.2
Microsoft Windows

And tried all of the instructions in the TINI documentation. The comm.jar and win32com.dll have to be manually installed in the Java bin and lib directories. As well as resetting your path such as

SET PATH=C:\windows;C:\windows\command;C:\Progra~1\j2sdk_nb\j2sdk1~1.2\bin

I even tried setting a permanent classpath as some sites instructed to no avail.

This is my path to the new J2 SDK I also have a separate JAVA directory with a previous installation of Sun's JRE but I'm not going to worry about both right now.

After doing all of that the "getting started" instructions still failed to function with error messages about not being able to find the "main" .class I couldn't get the JavaKit to load much less worry about TINI programing.

To simplify matters I put the comm.jar file in the TINI directory. I finally found a website that gave step by step instructions for creating the command line to start the program. I then created a batch file with this command string. Yours will be different depending on your application and paths.

javaw -cp C:\TINI\bin\tini.jar;C:\TINI\comm.jar JavaKit

Bam, JavaKit came up with all of my ports listed Yea!

But no, there is no recognizable "JavaKit" file or application on my PC either, the closest is JavaKitSrc.jar and that is not directly useful.

That got the JavaKit GUI to materialize at least.

That's all I have to offer, I only achieved this small amount of success ten minutes ago after fighting with it all day. This is all new to me, but I hope you may find something useful in this post