A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   from John, an unsigned artist
Date:   2003-08-28 07:11:57
From:   anonymous2
Response to: from John, an unsigned artist

You know what, im tired of hearing people complain about the artist and lables losing money because of mp3 sharing. They may be losing money but look at it this way, these "artist" get payed hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars TO SING A FRIGIN SONG. When they have a real job working 17 hours a day in a plant having to support a family, then they can bitch about losing a few thousand dollars due to people not wanting to pay 17 bucks for a cd with 2 good songs on it and the rest be shit. Until then they can just shut their damn mouths. They can come live in my shoes or hell half of Americas shoes and see that its not as easy as singing a song to make a fuckin living. They can come live a real life and understand why normal people dont wanna pay to listen to their favorite songs. Im not an artist, maybe thats why i still understand that you shouldnt have to pay to listen to a song, but i guess since im not a millionare piece of shit snobby artist that my opinion doesnt count.
So does losing a little bit of money sound as bad as losing all your fans instead. Use your head its ok have your frigin copy rights. NO ONE WANTS TO STEAL IT WE JUST WANT TO HEAR IT. So quit bitchin and do some actual work tour more make more of an effort. Get back to reality.

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  1. from John, an unsigned artist
    2005-07-28 16:27:47  green211 [View]

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