HighWLAN: A Driving Wireless Network
Subject:   Useful in a rally-driving environment
Date:   2003-09-01 02:24:01
From:   simonmackay
This setup could be a valid concept for traditional and targa rallies, "bush-bashes" and similar driving events. Competitors in some of these events often have a support vehicle which transports spare parts and is driven by support staff. Also, representatives from sponsor organizations may travel in one or more separate vehicles in order to report back on the progress of the rally.

This could involve the use of laptop computers which are wirelessly-linked in each vehicle. They would work off the 12 volt power in the vehicle and could be able to work as a webcam server and / or work with GPS in order to provide up-to-date location information and road vision to the support vehicle and / or sponsors. If the computer is hooked up to a telemetry kit which is attached to the vehicle, this could mean that the support vehicle could be alerted to problems before they get worse.

WIth regards,

Simon Mackay