Go with the Flow
Subject:   It is easy!
Date:   2003-09-01 18:58:41
From:   anonymous2
This is old news, but I'm going to say it again. I've been so confused reading Obj-C tutorials (no prior C experience). The whole message this and message that thing was causing uncontrollable stupors. In three short lessons, it's all starting to make sense and I'm able to reread Mike Beam's articles and understand them with confidence.


Keep up the C training. Maybe you can shed some light on standard C library headers like stdio.h and math.h.

Here's something that's bothering me, though.

If header files are for functions, where do I find information for operators and whatnot?

For example:

I can go to the Help menu in Project Builder and open the Man page for "stdio" and it will give me a list of all the functions included with stdio.h. But I haven't found the info for operators like +, -, *, /, &&, ==, etc. or syntax for commands (functions?) like "if" and "switch".