Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux
Subject:   GNU Step works really well, gnome doesn't
Date:   2003-09-01 23:26:26
From:   mxmaldo
I recently installed the Linux kit for PS2, It's fun to use.
The monitor part is tricky though. I had to get an special adapter to make it work with my Flat Screen monitor (check the FAQ at
GNU Step works like a charm. Gnome is slow (although the kit doesn't come with the latest gnome release).

Well I'm not planning in developing games for PS2 yet. I just would like to install Linux on any device that comes to my hands. Until now: a PS2, a Psion 5mx and an iPAQ.
Why? It just keeps my Linux knowledge sharp (I have 8 Linux servers at my company, but they never fail, so I only do maintenance and monitoring on those).

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  1. GNU Step works really well, gnome doesn't
    2003-09-05 05:54:55  anonymous2 [View]

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