Deploying Web Applications to Tomcat
Subject:   example needs updating?
Date:   2003-09-02 14:36:57
From:   anonymous2
The onjava example looked well explained and clear, so following a clean install of Tomcat 4.1 on my PC, I followed it word-for-word. And it didn't work...

It seems I need to add <servlet-mapping> and its various constituents to my web.xml file to get the servlet to work. (The JSPs work already.)

Is the example designed for an older version of Tomcat? If so, please state with which versions it does work, as this would save confusion.

Ideally, please keep the example up-to-date, as it is among the best *simple* Tomcat servlet examples around. And it's infinitely better than the documentation that comes with Tomcat, which seems to be written only for those who know it all already.