Kapor's Thoughts on Desktop Linux
Subject:   Microsoft's grip...
Date:   2003-09-03 23:18:04
From:   anonymous2
A relative of mine used WebTV technology to get on the Internet (WebTV is owned by Microsoft). This technology is very limited, so she was looking for a very inexpensive computer that would do nothing more than e-mail, web and maybe some word processing. I gave her one of those $200 PCs from wal-mart that run Lindows. It's a good, cheap PC that runs Linux. She uses Mozilla as a browser and as an office suite. One thing I noticed is that on some sites (financial institutions in particular) you cannot make on-line transactions using anything other than IE 6. I called one institution (BankOne) and they did not even realize that you cannot use there online services unless you are using a Microsoft computer! For desktop Linux to work, it will require web developers to understand that every soul on earth does not use IE, and with DRM coming out for Office 2003, and company will be nearly useless. So again, it will require organizations to cooperate and understand that you do not place restrictions on a file to prevent it from being viewed by other programs. I sure hope that a more viable office suite is in the making for Linux. If not, desktop Linux is doomed in my opinion.