Industrial-Strength Webcasting with mod_mp3
Subject:   Nice Bill
Date:   2003-09-04 08:37:18
From:   anonymous2
I really like it. Its a good foundation. I just got the latest cvs version up and running on a powerful freebsd machine with a T1. Doesn't it just make your mouth salivate. Your package was on my 4.7 cd so I ran a make install and freebsd grabbed the appropriate version of apache via ftp. YeaY, an OS that does something I want it too for a change. Got to love it. It was a beautiful thing. Things went even smoother when I found out that I could easily upgrade to your latest cvs rev. All I had to do was compile it in and it works like a charm, so far :] I am a programmer; I have been in love with music all of my life and I have been streaming for about 4 years now. I have much too talk to you about in moving this foundation forward. Thanks for making my life easier. I was starting to write it from scratch until I stumbled across your mod. Thanks. :] I am really interesting in possibly adding features. Peace.