3-D Data Visualization on Mac OS X
Subject:   vtk 4.2.2 on OS X
Date:   2003-09-09 13:22:42
From:   anonymous2
After a little effort (paths are incorrect, as someone
else mentioned), vtk with Tcl and Tk worked on
OS X (10.2.6). Running on a Powerbook G4 667 MHz,
Tcl and Tk 8.4.4. Tcl and Tk I downloaded from (Aqua DMG version) - this was newer
than the one from Atamai's website. I am using
gcc 3.3.

However, I couldn't run Mace - couldn't find the
executable, but the command "vtk -f /VTK/Examples/Modelling/Tcl/expCos.tcl" did work (page 4 of tutorial).
The path to expCos.tcl may be different in your case.
TimeRenderer and TimeRenderer2 did work fine.

This tutorial did help - couldn't compile vtk before reading
this website. I believe it's because I didn't edit the CMakeCache.txt file on page 3.

Just the paths get confusing sometimes.