Learning Command Objects and RMI
Subject:   Taxt to image translators
Date:   2003-09-10 05:15:47
From:   ally
can anyone help me out, I am a PhD student studying the development of word association in the preschools and early years. I want to develop a computer program that would substitute some words for images when the Child pressed the return key, then back into words when they pressed the return key again. The purpose of this experiment is to see whether children especially ones with specific learning difficulties can relate better to an image based language rather than textbased one.
Here is the problem I have virtually no competing programming skills and am looking for a kind individual to point me in the right direction.
Specific help
1. What sort of books should I buy?
2. Is what I am proposing very difficult?
3. What language would it be best to do it in?
4. Is there existing shareware that I could adapt for my own purposes?
5. Is there anything I should avoid?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated and credited thanks the time.