Mac in the Enterprise: An Odyssey
Subject:   Mac's in the Enterprise
Date:   2003-09-10 14:40:15
From:   anonymous2
OS X opens a new door for Apple in the Enterprise. This is what I would suggest for then to get started:

APPLE APPLIANCE GROUP: Start a group in Apple to research entry points for Apple hardware as appliances on Enterprise networks. This can range from Fax Server (I would suggested they form strategic partnerships with Brooktrout and a company like Biscom for Enterprise or SMB fax server). They might also look for everything like VPN, DIAL-IN routers, etc. Apple can become the way SMB can run like an Enterprise at half of the price.

COLLABORATION GROUP: Move ical,ichat, Address Book, etc to a Groove Network model. While the desktops applications develop, work with IBM and MSFT to allow these tool to integrate with Domino, Websphere, Exchange, AD, etc. Collaboration is the next big thing

Intergrate REMOTE DESKTOP into a Collaboration suite. I would pay more for this !!!!