C is for Cocoa
Subject:   Great job!
Date:   2003-09-10 23:32:00
From:   anonymous2
Perfect introduction.

This is the best article on how to start programming that I have ever seen. (I learned some programming languages years ago on the Apple II, but have never succeeded in programming on the Mac.)

As a teacher for many years, I found that a good understanding of basic concepts leads to faster progress down the road, whereas a faulty understanding of the basics eventually leads to a train wreck where the student finally gets lost.

You gave us what a person new to programming needs to know and nothing more, and that is the way to go with new people. Then give them more details when they have a little actual programming experience under their belt, because they will be able to visualize the context and use of the material at that point.

The glossary is also a big help.

I will be passing the word about this tutorial to friends and acquaintances who new to programming.