Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   RedHat Annoyances
Date:   2003-09-12 07:48:53
From:   avdi
I have to agree with previous posters - this is purely a RedHat annoyance (or, really, an annoyance with any RPM-based distro). I remember going through dependency hell back in my Mandrake days - a major part of why I switched to debian. I remember all to well hunting through RPM listings, desperately trying to find combinations which would work, always using --force because there was always some file which conflicted. I've never looked back. People aren't exagerating when they rave about dpkg and apt-get. Unlike RedHat or Mandrake, where only certain packages are packaged officially and the rest have to be hunted down across the internet, Debian's archives have practically every package known to man. And each one is packaged according to Debian policy - which means no file conflicts, no nonstandard file locations, almost no missing Man-pages, and sensible out-of-box configurations. Even for complex mixed stable/testing/unstable systems, judicious use of the /etc/apt/preferences file and a good tool like Aptitude make it easy to arrive at a working mix of packages from various archives and release levels.

As an example of apt's power, when I started with Debian I was using the now-defunct Progeny variant. When I decided to go pure Debian, all I had to do was replace my sources.list lines with the official debian servers and run apt-get dist-upgrade. A few hours later I had a standard debian system, all progeny-specific packages replaced with their debian counterparts. All without breakage or signifigant downtime; all dependencies worked out automatically.

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