Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   dumb
Date:   2003-09-12 08:17:17
From:   pdweinstein
Response to: dumb

While I chose to focus on RPM and Red Hat for this article, it shouldnít been taken that this book will focus just on Red Hatís Linux distributions or just on RPM.

While its good to hear that you both seem to have found a distro and packaging system that works for you, Iím sure you can think of other Linux quirks that get your temperature rising.

A quick example, a few people (letís not argue numbers ;-) use Linux as a Desktop or Workstation. That means they run Xfree86, GNOME, KDE or maybe even Red Hatís Bluecurve. Somehow I doubt everyone one of those users has never had an issue with one or several of these pieces.

Moreover, if you stop to think about it, these issues are not limited to just Linux distributions either. One can run into trouble cutting and pasting between windows in X on OS X, FreeBSD, etc. So really, the opposite is true, this isnít limited just to Red Hat Linux, but is open to Linux and Unix idiosyncrasies at large.

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