Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   vim annoyances
Date:   2003-09-12 18:22:49
From:   anonymous2
The authors should have started a forum and not a mailing list, I doubt many people will bother to subscribe just to detail a few annoyances.

in vim sometimes the backspace key will start to work like the delete key for no apparent reason, this is _HIGHLY_ annoying

cut and paste - at least in kde there is the klipper - is there something similar for gnome?

ie only web sites - solution? for the book, include a nice form letter that can be posted to web site admins requesting standards compliance.

open office startup times - yawn

rpm and keeping up2date - rpm hell, need fix - use up2date? propriety costs money, use apt4rpm - still a bit buggy and not 'official', solution? install debian

media playing - its always a bitch, install xine, install crossover plugin install mplayer, install decss - need a default that just works for all codecs - solution? wait for helix player? xine mplayer?

sendmail configuration and vulnerabilities - solution? exim!

not enough native games! wheres the new loki?

lack of colaboration amongst distros, why dont they colaborate more on things like installers and package management tools? mandrake has an nice installer, debians is shit, why dont debain use it? its gpl no?

im sure i'll think of a few more!