Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   Keynote/Powerpoint
Date:   2003-09-13 12:58:25
From:   anonymous2
Articles like this which help showcase the benefits of Keynote to a wider audience, are long overdue.
My tuppence worth .......Keynote is great and brought new life to some old presentations which were becoming a bit tired in Powerpoint. One consisting of 55 slides with many graphics and transitions runs without a hitch on a Pismo. So, I guess it must be efficient memorywise.
Would only caution that exports to Powerpoint can be a hit or a miss. Ideally that will be made more reliable in later versions, since it's often necessary to distribute files to those who haven't yet seen the light.


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    2003-09-14 19:44:53  Ian F. Darwin | O'Reilly Author [View]

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