Keynote Plays Ball with PowerPoint
Subject:   Just some helpful corrections
Date:   2003-09-14 13:20:43
From:   idarwin
Response to: Just some helpful corrections

> Cocoa applications typically use the Text Inspector for
> formatting text. To easily copyfit, there is a little-known
> slider widget that you can activate in the rightmost
> pane of the Text Inspector that lets you dynamically
> resize the text.

I presume you're talking about e.g., Show Fonts -> Extras -> Edit Sizes -> List and Slider, which is an option as you say in "[typical] Cocoa applications". Keynote provides something it calls the Text Inspector (see if you don't have Keynote yet) which does not have this feature. BUT the one you're referring to is in fact found where you'd expect it, under Format -> Fonts -> Show Fonts. You'd also want to up the "Minimum" size there from 72 if you're using it for copy-fitting larger titles.

So, thanks for the tip.