Network Effects: Stan Liebowitz and the MP3 Debate
Date:   2003-09-14 13:51:24
From:   anonymous2
I am a musician and I learn my songs by listening to them over and over again. In the past before I had a computer, I got my songs by recording them from the radio and TV. I didn't purchasee them at the store or buy them from someone else, so I guess if the record company's want to keep me from listening to their songs without paying for them, they will have to quit playing them on radio and TV. I have several thousand songs in my database, but they are only for my use. There is a lot of the songs I have recorded from casette tapes and records onto my computer and then put them into my database. If I remember correctly when the VCR first came out, the movie industry was afraid they would go bankrupt because people were recording their movies instead of buying them. Movies are still made arn't they. Well I think songs will still be sold.

P.S. Do you have any casettes I can borrow?? Ha Ha

Warmest Regards:
deer slayer