The Hacker Behind "Hacking the XBox"
Subject:   Bunny & the Phantom ?
Date:   2003-09-14 13:51:48
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Bunny & the Phantom ?

Bunny, you sure like playing with fire, or walking the fine line, or whataver you like to call it. Careful you don't get badly burnt. I think your book should not be published. Xbox is a console mostly used by young kids, or adults who never grow up. Encouraging hacking to such a young audience is in my opinion a crime that should be punished. Let the kids play their games, and tou can take you Linux and shove it.

Im not going to bother making fun of you or anything along those lines, but its pretty clear you don't know what your talking about.
The x-box has a target market of males aged 16-to-24. Without hacking there would never be any improvements, without understanding how something works you cant make it better. without reverse engineering the US government wouldnt be able to take apart ufo's at area 51 and make copies of them. as X-Box hacking has been mainly posative for Microsoft, allowing people to buy an x-box to use for a media center, capable of playing media formats (Divx, OGG, AVI) that DVD players can't even begin to compete with. Buying an x-box to be used as a low cost space saving server for a small business, and many many other applications. Hacking or Cracking is completely beneficial for people. Odds are someone who's taking the time to learn the inner workings of the xbox isn't interested in pirating games.