Network Effects: Stan Liebowitz and the MP3 Debate
Subject:   We ought to have VCR's outlawed...
Date:   2003-09-14 19:00:57
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Other factors

Maybe the movie biz should be up in arms and suing people who record movies and tv shows...LMAO
VCR's should be banner in american homes cause someone might record something with a copyright.(again LMAO)
They should find a way to hack cable systems so they can sue users for recording movies...people recording movies is "killing" the movie industry.

Music companies should be happy with the profits from concert tix and many movies as i still buy minus those i record has not been something that movie co's have been affected by.

I think suing your fans is the wrong way to go,he music industry is thinking extremely short term-notlong term.

I feel for them as far as "the fear factor" that they might lose a little vacation pay..but by no means will they be going hungry.

I myself have downloaded CD's of live concerts that are not available on CD,nd I have purchased what is available on CD.I feel that they should start a P2P for live concerts for people to download for a reasonable fee with a quality rating beside it.(i have downloaded quality and shitty concerts)

I think they are over reacting (Look what happened with the VCR in the early 80's)but i can understand anyone trying to protect what they feel is rightfully their's all i am saying is this mirrors the origin of the VCR and the movie industry so far is totally unaffected.

Once again i am bummed that i can no longer download concerts that are unavailable on CDIwish someone would look into this and make these recordings available seeing as how most are much better than store bought CD's.

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  2. We ought to have VCR's outlawed...
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